Crunch Pak has launched its new bag-in-a-bag multi-packs for its line of apples. Previously packaged in plastic clamshell formats, they’ll now be sold in portable plastic bags aimed at providing greater overall design appeal.

Crunch Pak is dedicated to providing innovative snacking products that are high-quality and meet consumer needs, so creating the bag-in-a-bag was a natural transition for the company. With convenience snacking on the rise, more Crunch Pak products are sold to consumers looking to give their families healthy options that are fun and convenient.

“Our focus has and will continue to be about helping people incorporate healthier snacking options into their everyday life,” Tony Freytag, Crunch Pak senior vice president, says. “We are constantly evaluating our products to see how we can enhance them. So, when we identified a need for more compact packaging, we knew we had to create something to save space in the consumer’s fridge as well as shelf space in the grocery stores.”

Packaging the individual bags of sliced apples into a larger, more breathable bag allows for storage in places the clamshell would not have fit before. It is also easier to transport with the addition of handles, which ultimately makes busy, on-the-go snacking more convenient. High-resolution graphics, featuring Disney and Marvel characters, will also help to stand out on the shelves and appeal to children of all ages.


Crunch Pak