Sonoco has released PromoPeel Integrated Label Technology for flexible packaging, which allows brand owners to create an instant redeemable coupon or label as a part of the product packaging, guaranteeing a consistent label position while saving production time and costs. The label lays flat, removes cleanly and eliminates scanning issues at the register.

“Customers lead increasingly busy lives and demand convenience. They want coupons that they don't need to search for, clip or remember to bring to the store,” says Marcy Thompson, vice president, marketing and innovation. “Instant redeemable on-pack coupons fulfill this need, while also driving impulse purchases and product trials.”

PromoPeel improves labor and production efficiencies by avoiding secondary processes associated with pressure-sensitive label applications. It runs on existing filling lines for a low-cost implementation.

“This is a solution that works throughout the entire coupon lifecycle,” says Thompson. “It helps CPGs streamline their label application process, it allows brand owners to achieve brand image consistency on the shelf, it generates consumer interest in-store, it removes cleanly, it scans easily at the register and it’s proven to work on automated equipment at coupon clearinghouses during the downstream coupon redemption process.”

PromoPeel integrated label technology is suited for coupons, recipes, peel-and-reveal games, trivia, contests, cross-promotions and more.