At InfoFlex 2017, Sun Chemical will introduce its new portfolio of eco-friendly inks and showcase how its coatings, inks and HD plate technology can produce packaging that pops off the shelf while enhancing pressroom efficiency.

“With more high-speed/high-quality printing demands, tighter regulations on food-contact packaging and brand owner requirements for packaging that is unique, brand owners need solutions to meet the changing demands of the industry,” says Penny Holland, vice president of marketing for North American inks at Sun Chemical. “During InfoFlex, we look forward to showcasing how our ‘Brighter Ideas’ can help take our customers from concept to shelf to meet their unique packaging needs.” 

Visitors to Booth No. 301 will be introduced to a new portfolio of eco-friendly inks that provide printers with an expanded offering in the marketplace as current trends move toward greener living, including a new solvent-based ink for lamination applications as well as water- and solvent-based inks for surface printing applications. 

Flexographic printers looking to integrate sustainable practices into their workflow can also consider SunGraphics SunLite In-Position Plates. Shown to reduce a printer’s carbon footprint, these alternatives to conventional mounted plates are produced using up to 50 percent less photopolymer, eliminating solvents, VOCs and PVC materials. Printers using the SunLite In-Position plates can also take advantage of accurate color-to-color registration and improved safety in handling and durability due to a 70 percent lower weight than conventional plates, company officials say.

Sun Chemical will also highlight a variety of ink systems designed to enhance productivity and meet print-quality requirements, including SunUno Solimax. Suitable for surface print applications on a number of commonly used flexible packaging substrates, this multipurpose ink system maximizes pressroom efficiency while simplifying the overall print production process by providing a single platform that can cover multiple end-use applications, and produce the shelf standout and high-quality packaging needed for today’s competitive industry.

Designed for flexographic printing on polypropylene and polyethylene films at high speeds, Sun Chemical’s SunStrato Sunester laminating solvent-based family of inks offer maximum color strength, low solvent retention, excellent adhesive and extrusion bonds, clean printing, film versatility, and are suitable for use with conventional and high-performance printing plates.

Sun Chemical’s water-based ink product portfolio addresses the growing use of water-based products for a variety of flexible packaging applications, ranging from surface print on polyethylene and polypropylene to complex lamination structures. 

Through its partnership with Acpo Ltd., Sun Chemical can also deliver SunBar (Aerobloc) pre-coated films to converters. 

Booth visitors can also learn about SunVisto Anilox Renew and SunVisto Power Scrub. Company officials say these highly concentrated cleaners bring heavily soiled plates and anilox rollers back to their “like new” condition, and minimizes or eliminates the need for sending anilox rollers out for cleaning.

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