Protective Packaging Corporation is donating 15,000 moisture barrier bags to the Salvation Army for use in hurricane relief efforts throughout the Gulf Coast, Florida and the southeast.

The bags are military-grade, moisture barrier bags designed to protect contents from harsh conditions, including being submerged in water. Certified to MIL-DTL-117 specifications, these bags provide critical protection for contents during shipping and storage. This is the same material used by the U.S. military to package military rations as meals ready to eat (MREs). Packaging food, clothing, medical supplies or equipment in these bags can extend the usable life of items, ensuring they don’t go to waste during indefinite recovery operations.

"As news pours in about the extent of damage and devastation caused by the hurricanes, our thoughts and prayers go out to residents affected,” Protective Packaging CEO Steve Hanna says. “We hope our contribution will provide some assistance during the long recovery process.”

All donated bags will be transported from Protective Packaging’s headquarters in Carrollton, Texas, to the Dallas Area Salvation Army for distribution to appropriate relief operations in the paths of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.


Protective Packaging Corporation