RKW Group and SAES Coated Films announced that they have developed a new high-barrier PE film that aims for performance and recyclability.

The base film is RKW’s MDO-PE, which is designed to combine processability, high temperature resistance and the use of top-notch recycled materials. It can replace stiff films such as polyester or nylon, commonly laminated with PE in multi-material packaging, thus enabling the design of mono-material PE packaging.

To ensure the barrier performance required by the market, SAES applies COATHINK, a combination of water-based deposition and metallization that reduces oxygen and water vapor permeation to rates below 1. The barrier material represents less than 1-2% the weight of the packaging, as recommended by the main international guidelines on recycling.

Visit www.rkw-group.com and www.saescoatedfilms.com for more information.