MEGA Fleisch, a German butcher cooperative with a product range of ready meals and non-food items, utilized the SchurStar Concept for its packaging design concept for its new beef sauce and beef stock, sold in EDEKA supermarkets in DE under its private label, “Our House Brand”. The products are marketed in an eye-catching, decorated stand-up SchurStar Jar Bag featuring an exclusive Kilner Jar.

MEGA Fleisch also switched to the SchurStar Concept Packaging Machine to make full use of all the options and transfer the packing of the new products. With a switch from time consuming and labor intensive manual filling to a fully automated packing system, the company managed to simplify the packing process.

“Our carefully prepared new product line of sauce and stock called for a spectacular packaging format and design, communicating the exquisite quality. And of course we wanted the product to stand out from the other offerings on the shelves. The SchurStar bag range comprises many attractive options, but we decided to favor the SchurStar Jar Bag. It has a striking look, and the product presentation conveys exactly what we intended— a carefully prepared, homemade delicacy,” says Helmut Schulz, master chef and operations manager of MEGA Fleisch. “In the shops, the products have done extremely well—and we are in the process of preparing line extensions“.

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