Labelcraft Products Ltd. debuted the Recyclable EnviroLiner, its eco-friendly label release liner made of 100% post-consumer waste that can be recycled in local facilities. The Recyclable EnviroLiner can be used with various face stocks, including films, gloss, thermal transfer and direct thermal. According to the company, with the rise in demand for more sustainable solutions, the Recyclable Enviroliner solves the waste issue faced by many, especially in the logistics and eCommerce space.

Typical label release liners are non-recyclable because of silicone coating. In North America, it is estimated that nearly 1,200,000 tons of liners are dumped into landfills annually. The Recyclable EnviroLiner can be recycled in local recycling facilities, with equivalent performance to standard roll labels and no change in equipment required.

Labelcraft says the Recyclable EnviroLiner communicates its total commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation and is a turning point in the label industry, which traditionally has not been a sustainability leader. The Recyclable EnviroLiner gives suppliers and customers the ability to work toward 100% landfill-free facilities.

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