Henkel Adhesive Technologies, a supplier of high-impact solutions in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, has joined the global consortium toward a Circular Economy for Labels (CELAB), dedicated to creating a more sustainable self-adhesive labeling industry. The organization brings together companies across the matrix and liner industry value chain to work together to address the wide variance in production processes and recycling capability in different markets.

With CELAB, Henkel joins other leading companies to facilitate collaboration at a global level, foster regional initiatives and find and encourage the universal adoption of industry best practices. Henkel says its packaging adhesives offer high-impact solutions to allow fast moving consumer goods companies to achieve efficient and reliable options, with label solutions that assure secure and sustainable packaging for consumers.

“In order to truly rethink packaging and create a viable circular economy, we must all work together across the entire value chain,” says Brian Lawrence, business development director at Henkel. “This is why we became one of the first members of CELAB and are looking forward to working side-by-side with self-adhesive label manufacturers to align and engage our global resources.”

CELAB says it will work to increase education and focus on regional options to promote material recycling for all components to improve the sustainability of products.

“A globally-focused consortium to develop recycling solutions was needed,” says Paul Nathanson, a senior principal at Bracewell LLP and spokesperson for CELAB. “Brands are eager to communicate their commitment to sustainability in response to consumer demands to reduce their carbon footprint. With increased recycling capability gradually emerging from suppliers, producers, waste management, chemical recyclers and others, we see a tremendous opportunity to facilitate collaboration with partners up and down our industry’s value chain.”

With regional groups in Europe and North America, CELAB addresses the wide variance in production processes and recycling capability in different markets. Different work streams will address matrix and release liner recycling, including analyzing technical issues, promoting recycling networks, interacting with government regulators and educating the industry and public.

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