Since the end of December 2019, the two-and-a-half-year integration phase of the Sonderhoff Group into Henkel AG & Co. KGaA has been completed.  As of January 1, 2020, all Sonderhoff companies have been merged into the Adhesive Technologies business unit. The former Sonderhoff sites in Germany, Austria, Italy and the U.S. are now also operating under the Henkel name - only the Sonderhoff site in China will continue to operate under its previous name. 

Sonderhoff's activities will continue to be managed operationally from Cologne and are assigned to a business area of Henkel Adhesive Technologies. The Sonderhoff portfolio will continue as the SONDERHOFF brand of Henkel Adhesive Technologies, a leading global supplier of adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. With this brand, Henkel offers its customers a technology platform for customized sealing, adhesive bonding and potting solutions using Formed-In-Place (FIP) technology. Henkel provides users with materials, machines and contract manufacturing from a single source. The advantages of customer-specific application solutions are based in the close, coordinated interaction of mechanical engineering, material formulation and process know-how. The product range consists of foam sealing, adhesive and potting systems based on polyurethane, silicone or PVC as well as mixing and dosing systems for automated material application to industrial components. Henkel also offers OEMs and suppliers individual automation concepts and application technology advice.

With the Sonderhoff portfolio Henkel offers a MAKE or BUY option. The customer can purchase FIP technology from a single source for his own production (MAKE option) and receives the machines and material systems optimally adapted to his manufacturing process. Or with the BUY option, Henkel takes over the sealing, bonding and potting of the components for the customer. The material is applied on the parts with Sonderhoff mixing and dosing systems at the contract manufacturing locations in Germany, Austria, Italy, U.S. and China. The spectrum ranges from the sampling of prototypes and small series to the assumption of series production on a production scale.