Pontus Protein Ltd. unveiled the design packaging for its first product, Pontus Plant Protein. Pontus' says its goal was to create an easy-to-use sachet to build brand awareness, enable shopper visibility and encourage initial sampling of the Pontus Plant Protein product. The initial products are being used as industrial samples for early investors.

Each sachet contains 5 grams of Pontus' 42% protein powder for an on-the-go protein mixed into water or smoothies or for a take-home trial. Pontus aims to distribute these retail-ready sachets to local and national retailers across Canada and the U.S. In the coming months, customers will be able to purchase sachets online directly from Pontus' website and other online retail platforms.

As a sustainable aquaponic food company currently focusing on plant based protein, Pontus is committed to helping consumers create nutritious and delicious food and beverages. The company says the Pontus' protein powder is the backbone of its initial product range due to the flexible way it can be used to enrich a wide variety of foods. Future products will include added value products made with Pontus Plant Protein powder to reach new consumers.

"We wanted a design that clearly communicates what the product is and the benefits on the sachet. We need an easy to transport sachet for ecommerce sales, have a good shelf presence for future retail sales, and be convenient for consumers to go. We will be testing sustainable packaging for our next run of sachets, as we are a company that wants to be as sustainable as we can," says J.R. Lopez, Pontus' CXO. "We also wanted it to be appealing to a broad audience. Pontus Plant Protein is unlike other protein powders in that it is pure water lentils that has not been processed or had any additives."

Alson Nui, Pontus' EVP, says, "It's an optimum way to get consumers to try Pontus Plant Protein and see how flexible the product is. The 5g sachet is an easy-to-use volume that can be added to water or smoothies for beverages on the go or at home or added to recipes enhancing the nutrition of food and beverages. We have identified a co-packer partner that will be able to run our initial production run, and we're already working with them to create our industrial/investor samples.

"Following our initial production run, we anticipate to be able to significantly scale up our production capacity at our brand new, state-of-the-art production facility located in Surrey, B.C. once it is complete. In this regard, all of Pontus' previously mentioned milestones are expected to be achieved as we have submitted our building applications, finalized our designs and have begun preparing for construction."

For more information visit www.pontuswaterlentils.com.