The Kroger Co., America's largest grocer, announced the expansion of its Simple Truth Recycling Program — offering customers a free and easy way to recycle flexible plastic packaging — to include all private-label brands, including Private Selection, Kroger Brand, Comforts, Luvsome, Abound, and more. The newly expanded Kroger Our Brands Recycling Program is reportedly the first program of its kind and advances the retailer's Zero Hunger | Zero Waste social and environmental impact plan.

Developed in partnership with international recycler TerraCycle, the Kroger Our Brands Recycling Program encourages customers to mail in flexible plastic Our Brands packaging, including potato chip and snack bags, shredded cheese bags, frozen food bags, pouches, deli meat and cheese bags, grain and bean bags, as well as flexible plastic pet food packages. The growing list of eligible products can be viewed at

"Kroger continues to provide new and innovative solutions to recycle product packaging as part of our bold Zero Hunger | Zero Waste vision," says Stuart Aitken, Kroger's chief merchant and marketing officer. "The Kroger Our Brands Recycling Program offers customers an easy way to enjoy their favorite foods and support recycling in flexible plastic packaging. Our industry-leading program advances Kroger's commitment to more sustainable packaging and complements other efforts to help build a stronger recycling infrastructure in the U.S."

"Flexible plastic consumer product packaging, including multi-layer films, helps preserve food quality and freshness but is harder to recycle and not accepted in curbside programs," says Keith Dailey, Kroger's group vice president of corporate affairs and chief sustainability officer. "Kroger recognizes the negative impact packaging — including plastic waste — can have on the environment. This is why we remain focused on innovative solutions for reusing and recycling packaging materials."

How the Kroger Our Brands Recycling Program with TerraCycle Works:

  • Sign up for the program at
  • Collect flexible plastic packaging (bags, pouches, liners, and wraps) from Kroger's exclusive Our Brands, including Simple Truth, Private Selection, Kroger Brand, Comforts, Luvsome, Abound, and more in any available box.
  • When the collection box is full, customers can ship the box of Our Brands packaging to TerraCycle using the free prepaid shipping label available in their account on the program page.
  • Start earning points for every pound of eligible packaging sent and redeem points as donations to participating charitable organizations.

The Kroger Our Brands Recycling Program is open to any interested individual, school, office or community organization. Following receipt, the collected packaging will be cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products.

"After seeing great success and excitement around the Simple Truth Recycling Program, Kroger is taking its recycling initiative to the next level with a solution for flexible plastic product packaging from all its exclusive brands," says TerraCycle CEO and founder, Tom Szaky. "Consumers participating in the program can now enjoy more of their favorite foods while minimizing their environmental impact."

"Our customers' response to the Simple Truth Recycling Program is a testament to its real impact and the growing consumer demand for more responsible packaging and easy recycling options," says Ben Melillo, Kroger's senior brand manager. "Through the Kroger Our Brands Recycling Program, we remain committed to doing our part and helping customers reduce their environmental footprint in simple ways that are rewarding."

Kroger's Our Brands are available for purchase in-store and through pickup, delivery or ship and exceeded $26.2 billion in sales in 2020.

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