Smurfit Kappa offers its Bag-in-box (BIB) for cider. BIB is a sustainable packaging solution developed for the safe transport and storage of liquids. Over the years it has become more familiar in the retail space, and with the more recent pressures on sustainability (plastics tax coming in 2022) and consumer purchasing behavior changing, this type of packaging is seeing large growth in the beverage industry. BIB is suitable to drinks manufacturers looking to sell to supermarkets for consumer purchasing, direct to consumers via eCommerce platforms and establishments interested in higher volumes.

BIB features include:

  • Sustainability: both the bag and box are 100% recyclable
  • Product freshness: once opened, liquid contained within the BIB will remain just as fresh, even if a long duration of time passes, due to the air tight design reducing oxidization
  • Reduction of transit damage: features both an external cardboard protective layer, as well as the bag containing the liquid
  • Quantity of liquid: available in 20, 10, 5 & 3 liter boxes, enabling manufacturers the opportunity to sell higher volumes of product

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