Polysack, a green-tech manufacturer of plastic film products for flexible packaging and high-shrink labels, and STS PRINT, a Bulgarian packaging manufacturer and leading converter, announced winning the Prize Pack award in Bulgaria. The companies were awarded the prize for their stand-up, mono-material, recyclable pouch. 

According to Polysack, eight million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans, making up 80% of all marine waste — and most plastic we consume isn’t recyclable. Even most “recyclable” plastic is not technically recycled or fully recyclable, and according to National Geographic, only nine% is actually recycled. As the environmental damage of consumed plastic becomes glaringly obvious, the integration of recycled or 100% recyclable plastic will become increasingly imperative. 

Polysack’s and STS PRINT’s award-winning, fully recyclable packaging has multiple applications for wrapping, such as snack and coffее bags. The company also offers a barrier-packaging product designed for food preservation that can protect contents from humidity, oxygen and odors. Moreover, product packaging is colored only with water-based ink, without the use of hazardous and environmentally damaging solvents. 

Polysack and STS PRINT’s packaging was designed to be fully recyclable within the plastic stream of the PE and based on Polysack’s Pack’N’Cycle film, which replaces non-recyclable materials, such as biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) films. Product packaging is colored only with water-based ink, without the use of hazardous and environmentally damaging solvents. 

The Prize Pack is awarded each year by the Food Processing Industry Magazine to companies that produce a groundbreaking packaging design that is recyclable. 

“A true mono-material package requires all the layers in the package to be produced from PE,” says Sonya Petkova, managing director of STS PRINT. “Polysack’s recyclable replacement films are the most efficient and highest quality MOPE films we’ve experienced, and we’re excited to leverage them as part of the solution to the global plastic problem.” 

“We are pleased to take part in projects that promote sustainability in Europe,” says Yanir Aharonson, CEO of Polysack. “The partnership with STS PRINT allows us to present innovative solutions to the market that will lead us to a better, more sustainable future.”

Visit www.polysack.com and www.stsprint.eu/en/home-2/ for more information.