As part of the sock retailer's ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, Cute But Crazy Socks has leveraged emerging green packaging solutions that protects the planet with packaging that is sustainable and recyclable.

"We want the experience of receiving our socks in the mail to be 100% joy and fun," says Cute But Crazy Socks owner, Urania Shaklee. "Nobody wants to think about the giant garbage patch in the middle of the Pacific Ocean while they are putting on a new pair of sea turtle socks."

According to Shaklee, when customers see that their entire package is recycled and recyclable, it will add an extra layer of feel-good fun to their shopping experience. The online store offers thousands of styles of novelty socks for adults and kids, with wild designs featuring animals, flowers, funny sayings and more. Customers can experience the selection in person at the retailer's physical storefront in Bellingham, in operation since 2011.

"We're thinking about our environmental impact and we hope that consumers are doing the same," says Shaklee. "Companies with far more resources and reach than ours have yet to take these crucial steps. Making the eco choice means sacrificing profits to protect our planet, but for us the decision is easy."

Cute But Crazy Socks now ships customer orders in 100% recycled and 100% recyclable poly mailers. The mailers are printed with a repeating pattern of the company's playful logo — rainbow-stripe sock-clad feet popping like rabbit ears out of a magician's hat — giving the appearance of gift wrap. These mailers can be reused at least once to ship more items or easily make a return, thanks to a second self-adhesive strip that sits beneath the easy-tear perforations. When it has finished its life as a mailer, it can ultimately be recycled in a plastic film bin available at most supermarkets.

Each order also includes a colorful Cute But Crazy sticker. Both the sticker and its backing are zero waste and fully recyclable, unlike most stickers and sticker liners. Many sticker liners tend to be made of virgin (unrecycled) paper that is coated with silicone, meaning it can't be recycled and will end up in a landfill.

Cute But Crazy Socks has also made the switch to address labels with fully-recyclable paper sticker liners. Until recently, recyclable label stocks simply didn't exist. The retailer has invested in equipment and software that allows them to use newly-developed recyclable label materials from EcoEnclose, a leading supplier of earth-conscious shipping supplies. Making the switch to the recyclable version has diverted their largest waste stream as a business, says Ben Shaklee, director of operations.

"Upgrading to eco shipping labels was our last major hurdle and it feels like a real win," says Shaklee. "Beyond recyclability, we've carefully selected shipping products that are made in the USA and minimize carbon footprint throughout their lifecycle. We've considered every detail, from the sustainable hemp twine bundling each customer's socks to the label scraps remaining after shipping orders."

The sustainable packaging initiative at Cute But Crazy Socks is part of the company's larger commitment to corporate responsibility, building on their charitable partnership with NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The company gives 1% of product sales to the organization and operates as a StigmaFree brand partner in support of mental health awareness.

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