The makers of the LA VICTORIA brand of salsa and sauces announced its classic enchilada sauce packaging now gives consumers the convenience of an easy-to-open pouch with a twistable cap, making it easier than ever to store the extra and reuse, without the mess. The company says that the new enchilada sauces in closable pouches inspire recipe creation beyond traditional Mexican recipes and can be used for far more than just enchiladas, including tacos, burgers, casseroles, potatoes, soups and more.

Available in red and green enchilada sauce varieties, the new closable pouches are designed to provide consumers freedom from the hassle of cleanup with traditional canned enchilada sauce and the pesky can opener.

"We saw the need to innovate a resealable enchilada pouch to bring convenience to our consumers and inspire meal creations," says Diana DeLoza, director of marketing for LA VICTORIA. "Whether you need a little or a lot or you're looking to elevate your next entree, LA VICTORIA helps you top off your favorite dish — from breakfast tacos, baked potatoes and so much more." 

Each red and green variety is the same formula found in the can but now packaged in a convenient 12-ounce resealable pouch that can be stored in the refrigerator after opening.

LA VICTORIA enchilada sauces are now available at select Albertsons locations and other leading retailers in the western U.S.