PAC Machinery Bags and Materials, a leading U.S. manufacturer of high quality, sustainable, flexible packaging materials for automatic bagging machines, has announced a new polyethylene bag formulation made from 100% recycled resin. Designed for automatic bagging machines, the Recylene® line of Rollbags® is made with the environmentally-conscious brand and businesses in mind, with material now produced using up to 100% recycled resin content.

This product announcement benefits packagers who use pre-opened bags for automatic baggers as well as other polyethylene films, as they can now package products in bags that are made of 100% recycled plastic resin. These resins can come from three types of plastic waste, including: industrial manufacturing, consumer waste, and ocean-bound plastics. PAC Machinery has a number of product formats in which customers can get the 100% recycled bags, including:

  • Rollbag pre-opened bags on a roll (clear and white/grey coex for mailing)
  • Rollbag pre-opened bags in a box (clear and white/grey coex for mailing)
  • Poly tubing
  • Centerfold or sheeting for automatic L-bar sealers and side sealers

“Developing environmentally-conscious products is a core value driving our company product development today and also one of the hottest topics in the packaging industry right now,” said Greg Quinn, General Manager of PAC Machinery Bags and Materials. “We help our customers easily bag more responsibly, which they can be proud to communicate to their customers, as the bag can be made of 100% recycled plastic resin.”

For more information on additional sustainable material options from PAC Machinery, please visit here.