Saica Flex, Saica Group’s division for flexible packaging, has successfully developed a new mono-material, metallized structure. This cutting-edge development is designed to cater to a wide variety of products, a strong example of the firm’s commitment to innovation and to finding solutions to meet consumers changing needs across diverse sectors.

The structure is composed of three layers (triplex), all of which are made of polyethylene (PE), thus creating a monomaterial, which is in great demand in today’s market. Saica Flex’s new product, which is already present in the market, provides a premium metallized appearance, with high barrier properties which provide maximum protection to the product in the package. 

The middle layer of the packaging, a metallized PE, can be used with medium barrier levels, which prioritizes the metalized appearance; or with very high barrier levels, which aids capturing and retaining humidity, oxygen and odors, suitable for products that require a very high level of protection.

These developments result in a versatile product and concept which is highly adaptable to the products, specific needs and circumstances of clients at any given time. The new packaging solution can be used in different sectors and markets, whether food or non-food products. Its high barriers to water vapor, oxygen, and light, reinforce the protection of the contained product.

In addition, the structural performance of this design is exceptional, allowing it to achieve the maximum packaging speeds comparable to conventional multi-material designs. Most importantly, this does not compromise printing quality, instead, it raises the quality to the highest level, providing a premium look in a lightweight package.

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