Packaging Strategies Multimedia Specialist Brett Parker sits down with Joseph Zeppilli, Co-Founder of Bad Monkey Popcorn, as they discuss the company's move toward compostable packaging.

Bad Monkey Popcorn is a snack company known for award-winning innovation in the realm of sustainable packaging. They're noted for their "Heat 'N Eat" Packaging, which is the world's first heatable bag of pre-popped popcorn.  They continue to innovate on the packaging front by making bags from wood fiber that are 100% compostable.

In this interview, Zeppilli discusses the company's move to compostable packaging, his thoughts on industrial compostable versus backyard compostable, the markets where they've rolled out their product, and if they plan on more packaging innovations in the future.

"So all we had to do was put the compostability and heatability together and put our popcorn in," Zeppilli notes, "and we noticed not only does it make it hot but it makes it crunchy and it lasts long. We can keep it in a warmer, depending on the temperature, for up to eight hours at a time."

Listen to the full podcast interview below to learn more.