Inteplast BOPP Films, manufacturer of biaxially oriented polypropylene films, and VerdaFresh, a provider of sustainable food packaging solutions, have collaborated on a high barrier flexible film that will extend food shelf life and reduce packaging waste.

Paul Marquard, general manager and vice president of BOPP Films, said that this project supports eliminating food waste through sustainable packaging.

"Alongside VerdaFresh, we’re developing packaging and film solutions that meet the demand for sustainable yet economical barrier packaging. Our oriented films, with their high moisture barrier, perfectly complement VerdaFresh's coating technology and ensure superior oxygen protection. Together, we're addressing the critical need to protect products and extend shelf life while embracing sustainability and functionality,” Marquard said.

Traditionally, aluminum barrier films, PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride), EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) and other options have been used to safeguard sensitive products. However, Inteplast BOPP Films and VerdaFresh are taking a “fresh” approach: their WTVR (water vapor transmission rate) and OTR (oxygen transmission rate) barriers are superior in product protection and yield less waste throughout the production-to-end user pipeline than older packaging materials.

Dave Klopp, CEO of VerdaFresh, stated, “We are excited to offer a combined product technology to the market, keeping our promise to deliver packaging that offers full product protection and provides sustainably manufactured materials, which ultimately benefit our customers and the food industries we all serve.”

VerdaFresh was recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) for passing the Critical Guidance tests for barrier packaging recyclability, demonstrating that packaging containing VerdaFresh’s ultra-thin barrier coating behaves as a mono-material. As the demand for mono-materials packaging increases, BOPP Films and VerdaFresh are evaluating Inteplast’s new BOPE mono-material webs’ pairing with VerdaFresh’s coating in preparation for future mono-material solutions that are, when combined with a PE sealant film, fully recyclable and APR-approved.  

About Inteplast Group  

Established in 1991, Inteplast Group is a leading integrated plastics manufacturer founded on the ideal of American manufacturing. Its products support diverse markets including healthcare, foodservice, packaging, building products, grocery, retail, sanitation, industrial, and graphic arts industries. Headquartered in Livingston, N.J., Inteplast Group is now more than 8,000 employees strong and operates more than 55 facilities, including its flagship manufacturing complex in Lolita, Texas. Visit for more information.  

About VerdaFresh

VerdaFresh is a coating manufacturer enabling mono-material recyclable, flexible packaging using its proprietary barrier coating technology. VerdaFresh films have exceptional clarity, and they can deliver oxygen transmission rates (OTR) of less than 0.1 cc/100in2/day – a breakthrough that allows brands to meet their sustainable packaging goals without sacrificing product quality or recyclability. To learn more, visit

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