Global processing and packaging solutions specialist, tna (, announces the launch of the new tnarobag® Auto-splice system. The latest innovation for the company’s leading tnarobag® range automatically splices film, increasing packaging efficiency and maximising product throughput by reducing the need for manual intervention.

As part of tna’s continual drive to provide operational cost savings and improve line productivity for food manufacturers, the new Auto-splice system overcomes challenges associated with preparing and changing the film roll on packaging machines. This procedure often requires manual intervention, impacting on operating costs and efficiencies.

The new tna robag® Auto-splice head, coupled with a robag® dual spindle film system, splices film automatically, joining the start of a new pre-prepared roll of film to the end of an expiring roll. The film preparation is carried out while the machine is still running, with no interruption to the packaging process and no machine downtime. It’s also fully integrated with existing robag® software which assists with the automatic reel change.

Michael Green, Managing Director, tna, comments, “Our new tnaAuto-splice system takes efficiency to the next level. Capable of completing a cycle in approximately fifteen seconds, this great addition allows operators to manage more machines per head, and can result in huge operational cost savings.”

 For the greatest efficiencies, the tnaAuto-splice system requires the tnarobag® machine to be fitted with the tna Auto-track system. With sensors that detect film misalignment, the tnaAuto-Tracking system automatically corrects itself by realigning the film system, reducing product waste and minimising downtime.