Securely and appealingly vacuum packaged, a significantly longer shelf life, and improved presentation options are just some of the benefits of the innovative TraySkin® system, in which the product on the tray is hermetically sealed by a transparent barrier skin film. SEALPAC (, the leading supplier of advanced tray sealing and thermoforming technology, has developed a solution allowing even large products to be securely packaged by the TraySkin® application.

TraySkin® – a winner across the board

The TraySkin® solution developed by SEALPAC offers numerous benefits to the users. Products are vacuum packaged directly on the tray with a tight film covering and contouring them like a second skin. The film, perfectly complementing the respective content, provides an excellent protection barrier for the entire duration of product’s shelf life cycle. The result: unparalleled freshness, extended shelf life and improved product properties. The product maintains its quality, consistency, appetizing colors and convincing taste. Opening aids such as peel flaps, SEALPAC EasyPeelPoints, or others, can be added to simplify the opening of the packaging. The secure product fixation on the tray prevents the product from moving around and, further, it significantly reduces drip-loss. This makes TraySkin® ideal for vertical presentation at the point of sale, drawing attention to the appealing packaging. TraySkin® can be used across all fresh and frozen foods, such as meat, poultry, seafood, snacks or frozen dinners with multiple components, as long as certain physical prerequisites are provided.

Extra tall or wide? No problem!

TraySkin® xplus is especially suited for particularly voluminous or bulky products. Even larger pieces of meat or whole roasts with significant product protrusion can be skin packaged reliably in trays. Moulded trays provide stability to the product, allowing protrusion of up to 90 mm above the tray edge. The TraySkin® xplus system allows usage of flat trays for tall products, hence providing a more economical use of consumables. The tight and transparent skin film provides a full view of the product. The ability to touch the product contours reinforces the consumer’s positive visual impression. Even taller or wider TraySkin® xplus packs can comfortably be sealed on any of SEALPAC’s A-series traysealers, after which they are easily labelled or upgraded with a cardboard sleeve. Well protected yet highly visible and tactile – TraySkin® xplus turns any product into an eye-catcher at the point of sale.

One technique – many innovative options

The TraySkin® xplus system is available in many different formats – from standard to super sizes. Various materials, such as PP, CPET or aluminum can be used. Additionally, TraySkin® xplus is available in countless customized options, such as TenderPac: The two-chamber vacuum packaging system for fresh red meats, separates the product from the drip-loss occurring during maturation by collecting the juices in an extra chamber. Thus, product appearance, shelf life and flavor are positively influenced. Another interesting variation is the TraySkin® xplus packaging for steaming. Here, the skin film contains vents that allow gentle steaming of the packaged content. Heating of the product under elevated but controlled pressure allows for short cooking times.

SEALPAC A-series – the perfect traysealer for TraySkin® and MAP

All TraySkin® variations can be produced on the entire range of SEALPAC A-series traysealers. These efficient and high-output machines are able to realize almost any task, dimension and format. The SEALPAC A-series traysealers are equipped with an innovative quick-change system for tools, simplifying a modification for other packaging systems with minimum downtime. They provide maximum flexibility to food processors running a combination of TraySkin® and MAP, or any other traysealing concept.