Weatherchem has developed the new MegaFlap™, a unique closure system that features an integrated scoop retention mechanism.  MegaFlap is ideal for large containers that are big, bulky, sometimes heavy and hard to handle. MegaFlap will be used in a wide range of sectors, including nutraceutical powders, snacks, lawn care, pet foods, or ice melt. It offers a variety of features that provide a clean, contemporary look and maximum shelf impact.

MegaFlap’s scoop retention feature allows the scoop to clip onto the inside of the lid, providing consumers with a simple and effective solution for measuring powder or granular products.  The scoop retention mechanism is popular with consumers frustrated with separate scoops that are easily lost or misplaced.  The ability to clip and store the scoop onto MegaFlap’s interior solves another consumer frustration – scoops no longer fall into the container and become messy and hard to find.

MegaFlap provides easy access to the product inside.  The consumer can fit his or her whole hand inside. As with all of Weatherchem’s closures, MegaFlap makes an audible snap upon closing, so consumers know the product inside is fresh and tightly closed.

An enhanced thumb indent makes opening the cap effortless and the closure carries a modern, polished look with a high gloss finish.

MegaFlap's unusually large and flat surface area on the top of the closure provides abundant space for decorating with a logo, marketing message, or product information. The surface can even be custom embossed to create a more lasting impression. Weatherchem has the capability to customize closure designs for unique package projects as well, using custom colors or special shapes.

The closure is fully recyclable and uses less material (meaning less weight), which saves on shipping fuel.