DuPont Packaging Graphics (DuPont) announced the market launch of a new flexographic printing plate technology platform – DuPont Cyrel Easy. This new technology platform simplifies the prepress process by building the flat top digital dot directly into the plate, resulting in increased productivity and consistency. This is part of an on-going effort by DuPont to drive progress in the flexographic printing industry by improving quality, sustainability and productivity.
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New DuPont Cyrel Easy flexographic printing plate technology is engineered to simplify the printing process by removing the flat top dot processing step, increasing efficiency and consistency.

“DuPont is excited to bring forward yet another key innovation to advance flexography,” says John Chrosniak, global business director, DuPont Packaging Graphics. “By building flat top dot capability directly into Cyrel Easy plates, we’re making it fast and simple to enhance productivity, while delivering world-class print quality.”

For flexographic printers, converters and tradeshops looking for increased productivity, DuPont Cyrel FAST thermal and solvent platemaking system efficiency and consistency is increased by removing the flat top dot processing step and its associated cost. The result is a technology platform that offers customers the choice of both smooth and engineered surface plates that deliver high ink transfer and color saturation, regardless of existing workflow.

Cyrel® Easy technology is currently in market testing at select DuPont customers around the world, and commercial sales of the first generation of printing plates from the Cyrel® Easy platform are scheduled for the third quarter of 2015.

DuPont Packaging Graphics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of flexographic plate-making systems in digital and conventional formats, including DuPontCyrel photopolymer plates, Cyrel FAST processing equipment and Cyrel round sleeves, mounting and finishing products.