Constantia Flexibles ( – a global corporation that develops, manufactures and supplies flexible packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, home & personal care, food and beverage markets – has developed CONSTANTIA TEOS, a new tamper-evident opening system for packages containing medical devices.

Developed in collaboration with customers, the system was originally designed for syringes housing tumor necrosis factor inhibitors, also called TNF Blockers. The key feature of Constantia TEOS is a tamper-evident peelable cover foil that is functionally destroyed during initial opening. As such, the cover foil provides reliable protection against the packaging’s illegal reuse.

Constantia TEOS also can incorporate a variety of optional overt and covert features that further assist with tamper evidence. Possibilities include holograms, customized security foil, special security pigments and inks, and unique-to-product security printing such as microtext, hidden graphics and built-in pattern deviations.

For pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturers, production line integration is made turnkey through Constantia Flexibles’ technical support team, who are available to help guide customers in using the solution in the most efficient, economically beneficial fashion.

Counterfeit drugs cost the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars annually in lost revenues, with risk to patients and brands.

“Drug counterfeiting continues to be an important issue worldwide, and fighting this threat is of paramount importance to us,” says Frederick J. Lutz, regional sales manager North America, Pharma Division for Constantia Flexibles. “In parallel with Constantia Flexibles’ broad range of other anti-counterfeiting features, TEOS helps ensure the safety and integrity of our customers’ products and, therefore, of patients and healthcare providers.”