For more than two decades, DMN Rotary Airlock Rail Valves have proven themselves reliable and effective in applications bulk solids industry. Applications requiring regular valve inspection and cleaning can be simplified with the DMN MZC Rail Valve. The MZC valve series is highly engineered to provide a cost-effective solution for quick and easy valve maintenance. The valve has an easy detachable rotor, which can be removed from the housing within a few minutes to facilitate thorough inspection and cleaning without damaging the housing or rotor blades. This unique rail design ensures accurate alignment and tight clearances when removing the rotor and end cover. The rail support system increases operator safety and gives line operators considerable flexibility in maintaining the equipment between runs. Unlike a bolt-on design, DMN MZC rails are cast directly into the housing. This innovative design eliminates external edges and crevices where contaminants can accumulate, thereby reducing the risk of product loss. The MZC series offers versions that are USDA accepted, ATEX rated 94/9/EC and NFPA 69 compliant. Visit booth 1353 and go to for more information.