On the occasion of this PROCESS EXPO 2015, LIMA would like to take this opportunity to announce the extension of his range of models. LIMA now propose two additional sizes of machines for his meat-bone separators, deboners and desinewers.

Among the recently developed models, the NEW LIMA RM 20 DD / DDS is the smallest one, specifically designed for customers willing to start on a small scale desinewing poultry, beef or pork meat or producing high quality structured meat out of poultry carcasses or fish.


  • Chicken trimmings : 100 – 200 kg / hr (220 – 440 lbs/hr),
  • Chicken carcasses : 200 – 300 kg / hr (440 – 660 lbs/hr).

Many customers in Europe and overseas are already taking benefit of the high quality recovered meat from LIMA DD / DDS technology. They also enjoy the very simple yield adjustment and short down time for cleaning. This range of deboners - desinewers known as “DD / DDS” have a capacity of 100 kg/hr (220 lbs/hr) up to 10.000 kg/hr (22.000 lbs/hr), and have all the benefits you can expect from the Quality in Separation, LIMA can offer, such as:

  • No extra pre breaking or pre grinding,
  • Low temperature increase,
  • Low calcium content,
  • High quality desinewed meat at high yield
  • High quality textured deboned meat similar to minced meat etc.

Last but not least, another major NEW model, the RM 2000 S is now the biggest meat-bone separator available on the market, up to 20 000 kg/hr (44 000 lbs/hr). To know more about it, please come and see us on our booth No. 1651.

For additional information, please email lima@lima-france.com or vist the website www.lima-france.com.