TOMRA Sorting Solutions introduces the Blizzard free fall pulsed LED camera sorting machine, the most ideal and cost effective optical food sorting machine for the IQF (frozen) vegetable and fruit processing industry. The Blizzard is a cost-effective alternative to TOMRA’s Helius and Nimbus sorters. It is a small footprint free-fall food-sorting machine that easily fits in processing lines and is specifically designed to optimally fit the output of IQF tunnels or packaging lines. Pulsed LEDs with different wavelengths and specifically designed sensors ensure a reliable detection of color, shape and structural differences. This modular sorter can be designed according your specific needs. State-of-the-art air ejectors reject unwanted material with millisecond precision, allowing the good product to continue for further processing. The small pitch system ensures an efficient removal of all defects at high capacity, providing a high quality end product while reducing labor costs and good product loss in order to increase yield. Visit booth 2034.