Model XYS08U is a high speed, compact bagging machine designed to package nuts, rice, powders, small fresh-cut produce, confectionery products, and more. Available from Triangle Package Machinery (, Model XYS08 offers several attractive features and benefits, including the flexibility to seal bags with heat sealing or Ultrasonic welding. With this capability, Triangle baggers can provide Ultrasonic sealing on bag widths as small as 3.0“.

Additional new features include:
• Ultrasonic cross seal and/or back seal;
• Improved frame design and a more streamlined film cage;
• Updated controls and larger control enclosure;
• Optional adjustable HMI;
• Increased corrosion protection and other sanitation features.
Like all X-Series VFFS Baggers from Triangle, Model XYS08 offers quick changeover of forming tubes, film rolls and sealing jaws, which allows users to run supported or unsupported film and multiple bag sizes at speeds up to 150 bags per minute.

In addition, the bagging machine is designed with constant film motion for consistent web tracking and superior back seals, and provides optimized sealing time. Customers enjoy such benefits as less downtime, improved efficiency, and greater flexibility. The compact XYS VFFS Bagger can run pillow, gusset, and flat bottom bags from 2.5“ to 8“ wide. Triangle’s X-Series VFFS Baggers also allow users to change from supported to unsupported film in less than 15 minutes, and feature a convenient start/stop button on the back of machine. Standard features include Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley ControlLogix, AB Kinetics Servo Drives, and AB PowerFlex AC Drives.