Teledyne TapTone (, a market leading provider of inspection equipment for the food and beverage industry, has signed a memorandum to enter into a Value Added Reseller agreement with ALLIEDFLEX ( The agreement is specific to Teledyne TapTone’s newest inspection system, the Pro Series DSC-TB Pouch Inspection System. The agreement provides exclusive reseller rights to ALLIEDFLEX in the United States.

The PRO Series is a direct response to our customers’ demand for inspection flexibility. The TapTone PRO Series was developed to address the markets’ need to move, change, and add inspection capabilities as required. The sensors are designed to cantilever over the customer’s existing conveyor. Multiple sensors can be added to a single user interface, offering a cost effective inspection solution. The new DSC-TB sensor was designed specifically to handle stand-up pouches and runs exclusively with the Pro Series user interface. The sensor incorporates twin belts for gentle package handling. The system can be integrated to inspect for leaking containers at speeds up to 1,500 pouches per minute or be used off-line as a stand-alone quality control leak detection - inspection system.