Toray Plastics (America) Inc., (, manufacturer of polypropylene, polyester, metallized and bio-based films, announces the introduction of LumiLid® XL7W film, a white, easy-to-peel PET lidding film  ideal for use with refrigerated and frozen dairy foods that are packaged in polypropylene (PP) containers. XL7W film and Toray's unique on-site manufacturing facility are Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS)-certified. Applications include dairy foods such as cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, butter, ricotta cheese, refrigerated processed cheeses and cheese spreads, and ice cream. XL7W is also suited for popular non-dairy spreads such as margarine and others that are plant-based, and non-dairy frozen foods and desserts, such as those made with soy, almond and coconut milks.

The base film of the XL7W lidding is Toray's robust, technologically advanced polyester, which has superior mechanical strength. It is modified with an equally robust sealant layer, achieved by means of Toray's proprietary extrusion-coated sealant blend. That combination creates a film with a very broad sealing range of between 200°F and 350°F, and that is able to maintain consistent seal strength during the sealing process.

When XL7W is sealed to the PP container, it forms a strong, consistent bond, sealing even through overfill on the rim of the tray. Other white lidding films have a thinner sealant layer and lack the superior caulkability performance of XL7W. With its thicker, high-performance sealant, XL7W can often replace multi-layer laminations, which are expensive. The XL7W seal is strong enough to protect product freshness and is also consumer-friendly, providing a quick, easy, clean peel that resists shredding and complements XL7W's premium appearance and feel.

In addition, XL7W satisfies the customer's desire for a robust narrow matrix rewind, which allows more lids to be produced and reduces downtime and waste during production. It is available in 128, 164, and 200 gauges.

"The market demand for PP containers, and compatible lidding film is growing," says Milan Moscaritolo, senior director of sales and marketing, Toray Plastics (America). "LumiLid offers the perfect solution in many areas: functionality, production efficiencies, waste reduction, seal performance during distribution, and consumer satisfaction."