Charter NEX Films ( continues to expand their line of innovative sustainable films. Responding to the demand for more sustainable flexible packaging materials, Charter NEX Films has recently launched GreenArrow recyclable films. Compared to traditional films which incorporate multiple materials, GreenArrow films from Charter NEX either use single materials or revolutionary materials that allow the films to be recycled.

GreenArrow films from Charter NEX include stand-alone films, print films for laminations and sealant films for laminations. GreenArrow films offer the same great convenience and functionality as multiple material structures, but have the added benefit of recyclability. These multi-layer films meet the content requirements for the How2Recycle “Store Drop-Off” label, and can be recycled wherever PE film recycling streams are available. 

GreenArrow films are ideal for a variety of markets including food and consumer packaging. For products requiring barrier properties, films with oxygen and moisture barriers are available.

In addition to recyclable films, Charter NEX also offers other sustainable film options including starch-based films, starch-filled films and post-consumer recycled resin films.