The first to innovate all-natural human-grade pet food, Portland Pet Food Company announces new shelf-stable sustainable packaging for its popular dog meals, all with no preservatives or additives. The recyclable stand-up pouch is BPA-free and houses what some food science experts are calling a pet food industry "game-changer."

Portland Pet Food Company products are now available in unique sustainable and portable packaging: 

  • BPA free
  • Microwavable, with cool grips on the sides for safe handling
  • Shelf-stable with a shelf life of two years
  • Smaller environmental footprint using less resources to manufacture
  • Storage requires less shelf space (real estate) than cans
  • Less shipping weight to retailers offers less impact and less cost

According to Pet Food Industry magazine, top pet food trends are driven by health-conscious pet parents who feed their dogs like they feed themselves: familiar ingredients, quality whole foods, with no preservatives or fillers. Longtime industry experts agree:

“Portland Pet Food products are game changers—founder Kate McCarron has set the bar high in the industry for crafting shelf-stable homemade meals with simple Northwest ingredients and a limited ingredient label pet owners can understand,” said Albert Bolles, PhD and nationally-recognized award-winning innovator in food technology, packaging and product development. “While all Portland Pet Foods have been scientifically developed and tested, the essence of these foods did not come from a laboratory, it came from the heart and Kate’s love for her own dogs.”

Portland founder and innovator Kate McCarron was inspired to start making her own natural, healthy dog meals when Rosie, her 14-year-old standard poodle, no longer showed interest in kibble and began to lose weight. McCarron created fresh meals using seasonal produce to entice Rosie to eat more. McCarron noticed her dogs had more energy, shinier coats and were more eager to eat after she started cooking home-style recipes. Most importantly, Rosie regained the weight she had lost. Portland Pet Food Co., with its full line of fresh dog meals and dog treats, was born.

Portland Pet Food Company handcrafts all dog food and treat recipes in small batches, then packages them in shelf-stable pouches, convenient for use in the home, outdoor activities and travel. All products are homemade in a quality-controlled, USDA-approved commercial facilities with a process that assures a commitment to nutritious and simple food.

Local vendors supply high-quality ingredients, including USDA-certified meat, fresh vegetables, and whole grains from the region’s diverse food supply. The company believes that simple is best, thus no more than 10 ingredients are ever combined in a recipe.

“Our handcrafted food is sustainable and even our biscuits use ingredients like high-protein spent grains from some of our award-winning Portland-area breweries,” says McCarron. “We believe in rotational feeding without supplementing the natural ingredients in our diets. Simple is best! You wouldn't want to eat the same thing every day. Why should your dog?”

Portland Pet Food Company currently offers four varieties of precooked meals and kibble toppers, and are sold in fresh/frozen 12-ounce containers and 9-ounce shelf-stable pouches.