Modern Manufacturing Services LLC. has introduced the MBMS-24 Bubble Mailer System. The MBMS-24 uses “state of the art” technology to improve productivity, all while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

With the MBMS-24, the web movement is separated from the sealing functions of the system. This enables the system to achieve higher running speeds, while maintaining optimal sealing quality. It also enables the easy lamination of coated paper or multi-layer film to the bubble.

An integral part of the MBMS-24 is the Inteliseal system used on all Modern Manufacturing Services pouch/bag making products. With the Inteliseal all seal heads are independently controlled from the control panel on each head or at the main HMI (Human Machine Interface). This unique capability allows an operator to set each seal head so that cycle distance, seal compression distance and seal force vary based on the demands of the film being converted, all with minimal bubble damage.

The MBMS-24 comes in either single or dual lane configurations. Options include in-line lamination and custom widths as a special order. The result is a system that produces high-quality bubble mailer pouches at the highest speeds available.