When making the choice between premade pouches and form-fill-seal, OEMs should consider factors like run speed, changeovers and flexibility of package sizes handled, according to the 2019 Flexible Packaging Assessment by PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies.

Premade pouch machinery is better suited for shorter runs and changeovers, as they offer more flexibility and allow for easier changeovers than form-fill-seal machinery. Premade pouch machinery is also suited for manufacturing pouches with different types of attachments, like zippers. Form-fill-seal machinery is ideal for longer runs and can run faster than premade pouch machinery. It is able to handle spouted pouches with greater ease and can allow for more complex operations like inserting one package within another.

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Another consideration is the type of product being packaged. For example, premade standup pouches are increasingly used for liquids, and will replace or complement product assortments typically packaged in tubs, jars, cans and bottles.

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