Home and personal care brands will have increased access to world-leading packaging innovation at a new center soon to open by global packaging company Amcor in New Albany, Ohio. Amcor will deliver award-winning design expertise, rapid prototyping, product sampling, and testing capabilities to help consumer goods companies stay ahead of the competition.

In the personal care market, turning around prototypes with speed and testing samples plays a crucial role in accelerating bottle design and selection, according to Sean Kharche, vice president of Amcor’s Home and Personal Care market. “Our customers want innovation and speed to market and we have responded by providing one-stop access to Amcor’s industry-leading capabilities in Ohio,” he said. “The goal is to help our customers develop products with unprecedented flexibility and speed.”

The Innovation Center is supported by a cross-functional team of engineers, designers and technical specialists who work with customers on their product concepts. Customers can also access Amcor’s latest innovations such as barrier technology, e-commerce, the use of PCR, and other more sustainable solutions as well as technical and operational efficiencies.