Toray Plastics (America) Inc. introduces new Lumirror® STM Soft-Touch Matte film, a unique, matte-coated polyester film technology that simplifies processing and enables the manufacture of a robust, upscale, soft-touch matte lamination.

A package manufactured with Toray’s STM film has the appearance of a low-gloss, premium paper and a softer feel than traditional polyester film—characteristics that are very appealing to consumers. 

Packages made by use of other soft-touch products have poor resistance to scuffing and abrasion. They can be damaged easily during transit and when larger packages are stacked in the retail environment. New STM film is inline-coated using Toray’s proprietary film and coating technologies, which ensure overall high quality, consistency and advanced performance, says the company. The new film offers excellent print adhesion, has no silicone transfer, and resists pick-off, scuffing and abrasion. It also offers a high, consistent co-efficient of friction (COF) that helps larger bags to stay in place when stacked.

Pet food manufacturers, in particular, are interested in the new STM film, especially as a solution for their larger bags. Toray customers have observed that certain ordinary, offline-coated, soft-touch products are very susceptible to damage, whereas STM is not. They have also found that the look and feel of the new STM film make it a perfect choice for smaller bags and pouches that are used for dog food and treats. The STM film can also be specified for use with healthful snacks, nutrition bars, coffee and other applications.