Viking Masek started expansion off its US headquarters in Oostburg, WI in early November 2020 with expected completion in July 2021. The building expansion will add 24,000 sq ft of warehouse/production space plus 9,000 sq ft of office areas including 36+ new workspaces. Viking Masek will also add an additional pub-themed gathering area, conference rooms, a sunny indoor commons area, and an outdoor courtyard. 

“This business expansion is a natural progression for our company,” said Robb Leonhard, Viking Masek co-owner and Executive Vice President. “It increases our ability to better provide innovative and automated packaging lines from tote to pallet."

The additional space will allow Viking Masek to:

  • Double their production capacity to meet the needs of a growing client base
  • Streamline shipping and receiving areas and processes
  • Dedicate additional space and resources to R&D and full packaging line integration
  • Provide space for their growing workforce to collaborate, inspire creativity, and relax

The campus expansion will add approximately 33,000 sq. ft. to its US headquarters in Oostburg, WI, increasing its total footprint to 91,000 sq ft. 

After expanding the facility twice before, in 2015 and 2016, another addition to their US headquarters was always a part of Viking Masek's long-term plan. 

"We've reached a critical point where we need to maximize our space to keep exceeding our productivity goals and provide space for our growing workforce to succeed," said Ty Weinhold, Viking Masek COO.

After nearly doubling its workforce over the last five years, Viking Masek's recruitment efforts show no sign of slowing. Adding space for this growth ensures employees remain motivated, relaxed, and have more workspace choices to enhance creativity, whether it be in their office, outdoors, or in common areas.

The company added community areas to ensure its workforce still comes together even as the physical facility space grows. An energizing, sunny corridor with floor-to-ceiling windows is part of the plans, providing a natural space for all departments to converge in a central area. Featuring both stand-up pub tables and bistro booths, the area will provide space to collaborate. Whether it's hashing out project details, visiting with clients, or relaxing, the area allows you to choose your energy.

A 1,200 sq ft outdoor paved courtyard will provide space for both business and pleasure. And, a second state-of-the-art pub-themed gathering area will also be added. The new meeting space will be built with a modular design so it can be converted to meet varying needs, whether it be parties, presentations, educational events, or post-work cocktail hours.