Cortec announced it developed Eco Wrap, a compostable, industrial strength, machine grade stretch film with certified compostable resin and a tackifier additive. It can be used in the industrial packaging and warehousing industries, which rely on standard automated stretch wrap equipment to prepare pallets of goods for storage, inventory or shipment.

The company says Eco Wrap works on most existing automated machines, contributes to material/waste reduction by using two wraps instead of three and is commercially compostable according to ASTM D6400. It is shelf and curb stable, applied by adjusting tension and may allow users to avoid tariffs, fines and tip fees in areas where polyethylene is prohibited or restricted.  

Eco Wrap applications include the following:

  • Agriculture bundling (e.g., hay bales and lumber)
  • Corralling of goods for storage and shipment
  • Pallet wrapping
  • Luggage wrapping at airports
  • Packaging construction materials
  • Transporting furniture

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