NY Style Brand new package designNew York Style brand of snacks, which include bagel crisps, pita chips, and Panetini Oven Baked Italian Toast has received a redesign from Smith Brand Design.

The charge, according to Jenna Smith, the partner at Smith Design who led the project, was to help a snack brand whose relevancy was waning rise above the congestion of the deli and snack aisle and appeal to discerning consumers looking for both a premium and versatile snacking experience.  The New York Style packaging design solution leverages appetite appeal, flavor differentiation and various usage occasions in a unique and ownable way and clearly merges all of the products under one visually iconic "New York" umbrella.

 “After pre-design strategic and research steps, we confirmed that a revolutionary change to the brand identity and packaging was in order to re-imagine and then fully optimize the New York Style's brand image and maximize opportunities for success at the deli shelf," says Smith.“New York Stylewas able to successfully modernize and authenticate this heritage brand by speaking to consumers as a friendly New York City neighbor would, in a tone that is warm, down to earth and indicative of a true New York experience.” 


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