Sartomer Americas has earned the certified biobased product designation from the USDA for its entire Sarbio line of 13 specialty acrylates and methacrylates. The certification confirms that these products meet or exceed prescribed USDA standards for renewable biobased content.

Biobased products are materials composed in whole or in significant part from renewable agricultural or forestry products. Sartomer’s Sarbio acrylate and methacrylate products represent the first full line of (meth)acrylates for use in UV/EB curable coatings, inks and adhesives to earn this certification.  
“Sartomer is proud to receive this designation for our Sarbio acrylate and methacrylate products. The new designation will inform customers about our company’s mission to provide high-performance building blocks while advancing green technologies,” says Dr. Heather Rayle, senior business director at Sartomer Americas. “We pursue environmentally responsible products and processes, and this certification acknowledges our ability to do so while offering a broad range of high-quality chemical solutions for our customers.”
The following Sartomer Sarbio acrylate and methacrylate products have earned the USDA certification:
Product Name Biobased Content
Sarbio® 5100 69%
Sarbio® 5102 78%
Sarbio® 5103 37%
Sarbio® 5201 63%
Sarbio® 6100 57%
Sarbio® 6101 76%
Sarbio® 6102 71%
Sarbio® 6200 28%
Sarbio® 7106 88%
Sarbio® 7107 83%
Sarbio® 7203 34%
Sarbio® 7205 51%
Sarbio® 7402 56%
All claims pertaining to biobased content per product are verified by independent labs and monitored by the USDA. Formulators can feel secure in the accuracy of the biobased content and be empowered to make more informed purchasing decisions.
“We are pleased that Sartomer Americas has earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label,” says Ron Buckhalt, USDA BioPreferred program manager. “Biobased products provide opportunities to help add value to renewable commodities, create jobs in rural communities and generate investment income.”
All Sarbio acrylate and methacrylate products in the Americas will carry the approved “USDA Biobased Product” label signifying its status and showing specific percentage of renewable content. A sample label is available by request. The Sarbio product line is commercially available in all regions of the world.
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