The American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division has announced that it has expanded its support for the Curbside Value Partnership by also joining the newly unveiled Recycling Partnership, a national, public-private collaboration that is expected to launch as early as July.

“We are thrilled that ACC’s Plastics Division has extended its participation and support for CVP,” says CVP’s executive director Keefe Harrison. “By bringing together the full recycling value chain – from materials suppliers to major brand owners and recyclers – the Recycling Partnership is positioned to dramatically accelerate residential recycling in key cities.”
The Curbside Value Partnership is non-profit organization that helps communities improve residential curbside recycling through education and behavioral changes.  CVP’s unique approach is rooted in providing on-the-ground support and measuring results by collecting hard data.  In 2012, ACC’s Plastics Division became one of the first non-aluminum-focused organizations to join CVP and its board of directors.
“CVP has a strong track record of growing recycling, and we’re confident that the Recycling Partnership will follow suit,” says Steve Russell, vice president of plastics for the American Chemistry Council. “We are very pleased to support participating brand owners and recyclers in this promising endeavor.”
The Recycling Partnership is the result of SERDC 120, an intense, collaborative review undertaken by members of the Southeast Recycling Development Council, Inc., to evaluate various approaches to boost recycling in the region. Though the Recycling Partnership initially will focus on the southeastern part of the United States, short-term plans call for a national expansion of the organization’s activities.
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