RBP Chemical Technology, Milwaukee, announces two new concentrated additions to its line of heatset and coldest web-printing fountain solutions: Platinum Plus UC and Web Silicone.

Platinum Plus UC 

Designed for all size presses and speeds, Platinum Plus UC is an ultra-concentrated version of the pre-mix line. Like RBP’s other Intellicon ultra concentrates, Liquid Gold and Concept 21, Platinum Plus UC’s water is removed, reducing overall consumption and shipping weight by up to five times less. 

Web Silicone Solutions

WSS now includes a concentrated version that has removed up to 60 percent residual water. The WSS line of concentrated silicone is available in RBP’s silver, gold and platinum lines. Customers simply add water on-site, mix and deliver to press. RBP silicone concentrates carry the same added features, biocides and anti-stat properties as its pre-mix versions.
“Dramatically reducing the weight of the product shipped, Platinum Plus UC and the concentrated versions of WSS will cut shipping costs significantly,” says Mark Heimerl, director of sales at RBP Chemical Technology. “The added benefit to customers is these super concentrated versions are very easy to use.”  
Platinum Plus UC can be pumped from its original container directly to the press in dosages ranging from 1.25-1.5 oz/gallon. The benefits of lower dosing means less consumption, smaller container sizes and up to 60 percent less shipping weight.
Used on heatset web and coldset web presses, WSS is designed to reduce friction and scuffing while delivering paper through the delivery cycle of the printing process. WSS Silver, Gold and Platinum cover a wide array of press constraints from narrow, slower webs to higher-speed webs.
Heimerl says, “Shipping and handling costs for silicone can get expensive because it is such a highly consumed pressroom product. Cutting corners on quality or quantity to reduce the silicone’s weight and large container size will cause huge problems on press. WSS Concentrate delivers a high-quality product boasting more, pure silicone, superior drying and no fish-eying or streaking without the added cost of shipping water.”
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