Sartomer announces the release of CN823 – a new acrylic oligomer that significantly improves adhesion of UV/EB ink formulations. The release of CN823 supports Sartomer’s ongoing pledge to provide formulators with the solutions they need to create innovative, successful products for demanding applications. When combined with an oligomer imparting good pigment wetting and lithographic ink performance, CN823 enhances the level of adhesion to non-porous substrates such as plastics and metals.

CN823 is suitable for use in all ink formulations and has particular utility in offset and offset lithographic inks because of the hydrophobic nature of the oligomer backbone. The oligomer also has improved compatibility with acrylate monomers and oligomers typically favored for use in lithographic inks. This translates into inks that are more viscous, tack stable and well suited for sheet-fed lithographic ink applications.
“At Sartomer, we are proud of our heritage of technical support – building collaborative relationships with customers to help them stay on the leading edge of technology,” says Nikola Juhasz, Sartomer’s senior director of global R&D. “CN823 enables formulators to improve the performance of UV/EB inks to develop products that can compete and win in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”
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