Fabrico, provider of design and manufacturing services for flexible materials and advanced assembly, now offers fabrication and assembly services for environmental microfluidic test kits.
Microfluidic test kits can be used to measure bacteria, detect micro-organisms and parasites, test water supplies, and much more. These portable tools allow for in-the-field testing that produces immediate results, speeding up the scientific process.
Fabrico can design and manufacture lids, covers, and adhesive interfaces for microtiter plates with 96, 384, 1536 wells and custom designed diagnostic disposables. In addition, Fabrico can manufacture the following microfluidic consumables and components:
  • Specific layers for biosensors
  • Integrated consumables for lab-on-chip application
  • Hydrophilic fluid transport technologies
  • Membranes
  • Custom microfluidic channels and structures
Fabrico’s state-of-the-art digital laser technology enables microfluidic devices to be produced precisely and accurately to meet stringent specifications, such as:
  • Laser cut feature tolerances as small as 100 μm or (0.004 inches)
  • Fixed beam etchings focused down to 70 μm
  • Position features tolerances as low as 50 μm (or 0.002 inches)
  • Microfluidic channels as narrow as 125 μm (or 0.005 inches), positioned within a tolerance of 50 μm (or 0.002 inches)

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