Davis-Standard at Labelexpo Americas 2014The Global Advantage of Davis-Standard’s Liquid Coating Group will be on display during Labelexpo, Sept. 9-11, 2014 at booth #1041. Davis-Standard is an industry leader in supplying liquid coating systems for tapes and labels, silicone-coating products, and to specialty coating markets. During the show, Davis-Standard will discuss the company’s extensive product offering including a new curtain slide coater, five-roll silicone coater and the dsX™ Flex-Pack extrusion coating line.
"Labelexpo is an excellent opportunity for us to discuss the versatility of our equipment. We are able to combine standard components with customized features to fulfill unique customer requirements for liquid coating applications worldwide," says Jim Murphy, vice president of global sales and marketing. "All totaled we support more than 50 liquid coating methods including gravure, rod, slot die, reverse roll and smooth roll transfer."
The company’s latest liquid coating breakthrough is the curtain slide coater. This coater applies a single layer coating at up to 2800 fpm with expansion capabilities up to two additional layers. The new five-roll silicone coater also offers impressive rates, capable of applying 100 percent Silicone at 2400 fpm. This coater is constructed of stainless steel for ease of cleanup and includes a state-of-the-art mist removal system.
Davis-Standard equips customers with technology for slow or high-speed applications, clean room environments, film or paper substrates, ultra thin and ultra thick coatings, and precision coating and drying. Among the company’s product offering is equipment engineered in dedicated, component and cartridge designs. This includes coating equipment from the Series 1000 dedicated, Series 2000 component style, and Series 3000 and 4000 cartridge designs. The Series 1000 two-roll primer coaters are utilized with extrusion coating applications. Customers have the option of a direct gravure coater or smooth roll coater. For added capabilities these coaters can be equipped with vertical roll support or vertical flotation dryers depending on customer requirements.
For cost-sensitive flexible packaging applications, Davis-Standard recently introduced the dsX Flex-Pack extrusion coating line. This pre-configured line merges customer demand with the best components in the industry to provide better end-product quality, greater uptime and productivity, reduced waste and production costs, and application versatility. It is also engineered with proven components and an adaptable machine configuration, making it ideal for converters, printing companies, multinational companies and startups.
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