The narrow web market is continually looking for products – products that will go above the must-have print quality and performance; innovative products that will also provide value-added attributes – increased productivity and lower maintenance, sustainable solutions, and technology that is safe for handling and for the environment. 

Flint Group has responded with its EkoCure brand of UV LED technologies – and further adds to its portfolio UV LED Metallics! Flint Group’s EkoCure Metallics are developed using specially selected raw materials that match the narrow and targeted wavelength area that is typical for UV LED lamp output and provide both environmental and economical benefits:

  • Increased productivity and press uptime with quality assuredness
  • Energy costs are significantly reduced and energy is saved;
  • Manufacturing space is increased;
  • UV LED lamps are nearly maintenance free with no mercury bulb replacement and disposal costs;
  • Printers will experience an expanded capability to run heat sensitive materials with less heat management costs
  • UV LED lamps are ozone and mercury free – promoting improved worker and environmental safety.

These EkoCure Metallics are available as one part press ready inks. They are provided in Silver; 871 Gold; and 875 Gold. Mixing formulas for the other base shades will be provided upon request. Truly amazing as it sounds – these inks have run commercially at speeds of 750 fpm!

Flint Group’s EkoCure UV flexo and screen inks are the first-ever narrow web printing inks developed for use in combination printing. These inks perform to the highest standards and bring economical and ecological benefits to the market. First launched in the U.S. in 2012, these inks are now globally available through Flint Group’s extensive distribution network.

EkoCure products are available in a complete range of UV flexo inks, from all base colours in the Pantone base range, as well as UV rotary screen whites designed for combination printing. The EkoCure ink range also offers a complete portfolio of metallic inks, varnishes and adhesives with more exciting developments on the horizon.

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