Flint Group Narrow Web introduces a new range of opaque white inks in the EkoCure series; the latest development in UV LED free radical technology for use on shrink sleeves with no limitation in shrink, company officials say. Providing excellent flexibility, adhesion and printability, EkoCure™ Shrink Whites are designed to provide more than 70 percent shrink.  With these new EkoCure shrink whites, the UV LED flexo narrow-web converter can enjoy success in the fast growing market of shrink sleeves. 

EkoCure shrink opaque whites have excellent adhesion and are suitable for a wide range of films, such as: PVC, OPS, OPP, PLA, & PETG. They have excellent printability combined with very good flow out, excellent opacity and whiteness. These whites are provided in a range of coefficient of friction values. 
Since the UV LED curing process does not generate any IR heat, this is a perfect match for printing shrink film applications!  Printers can use EkoCure products with UV LED lamps on presses that have no or minimal heat management and be successful printing shrink film labels.
Flint Group Narrow Web won the Award for Innovation at the Label Industry Global Awards in Brussels September 2013 for its EkoCure UV LED ink technologies.  Flint Group was named joint winner alongside co-supplier and development partner, Mark Andy.
The judges say, “UV LED, mercury and ozone free ink technology, from Flint Group now offers a commercially viable option with its new EkoCure inks providing improved cure response, cost and productivity savings, waste reduction, energy savings and enhanced safety that will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the future of the label industry.”  
Flint Group’s EkoCure UV flexo and screen inks are the first-ever narrow web printing inks developed for use in combination printing. These inks perform to the highest standards and bring economical and ecological benefits to the market. First launched in the U.S. in 2012, these inks are now globally available through Flint Group’s extensive distribution network.
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