Eaglewood Technologies, makers of the Sanilox anilox roll cleaning systems, has begun a partnership with Bingham Flexo Services of Batavia, Ill. Bingham Flexo is a manufacturers representative of high quality flexographic products with an focus on training and technical support. 

The Sanilox System was introduced in February 2014 and automates on-press roll cleaning with the flexibliity of off-press cleaning. The system is driven by a simple touch screen and is available in many languages. The system will help monitor roll inventory by entering roll information to the touch screen interface.

“Bingham Flexo Services has developed an outstanding reputation in the Flexographic industry," says Pete Mulheran, Eaglewod Technologies president. "The Bingham team brings with them years of experience serving loyal customers in the upper Midwest. We are delighted with our new partnership and look forward to helping Bingham educate their customer on the benefits of deep cleaning their Anilox, coating and gravure rolls with the Sanilox Roll Cleaning System."

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