Goss International Sunday Vpak with Martin Automatic splicer

Precision Press of North Mankato, Minn., has received the first new Goss Sunday Vpak web offset printing system with Martin Automatic roll change technology.
Equipped with Sunday Vpak 500 web offset printing units; Martin Automatic splicer and rewind; a Goss in-line flexo and coating unit; UV and EB curing; and closed-loop color, registration and inspection systems, the press accommodates a wide variety of film substrates, product formats and high-quality lithographic requirements.
Goss Sunday Vpak 500 and Sunday Vpak 3000 press models for folding carton, flexible packaging, pre-print and label applications are available in web widths of up to 75 inches. Martin Automatic splicers, rewinds and tension control systems are available as fully integrated auxiliary components on Sunday Vpak presses. 
A Sunday Vpak 500 press system with Martin splicer and rewinder for film and board production is the centerpiece of the newly-opened Packaging Technology Center at the Goss company headquarters in Durham, NH. The Center will be used for demonstration and testing as well as programs bringing packaging producers, brand owners and equipment suppliers together to explore new ideas that can increase print quality while significantly reducing production costs and total cost of ownership.
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