FLEXcon Prime Label SubstratesAvailable as part of the optiFLEX, optiFLEX EZ, optiFLEX Conceal, optiFLEX CONFORMmax, THINflex and DigiPRO Prime product lines in addition to the original sureFLEX line, FLEXcon’s new generation V-01 adhesive offers problem-free performance by running without buildup on converting or dispensing equipment. The company says the product provides excellent adhesion to a variety of container types, including low-surface energy HDPE. It also offers open time for clean removability of misapplied labels, allowing the container to be salvaged and relabeled. V-01 resists moisture and exposure to product contents and passes soapy squeeze testing, making it ideal for the health and beauty, food and beverage and household chemical markets. It is compliant with FDA 175.105 for indirect food contact. FLEXcon’s V-01 adhesive is available on a wide range of films for use on a variety of container types including rigid, semi-squeeze and full-squeeze containers. In addition, products are available for a variety of print technologies, including HP Indigo, UV, solvent, emulsion and hot stamp, to name a few. Label substrates with V-01 are readily available, many in Quick-Ship and/or pre-slit inventory for fast delivery.



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